PDOT’s Priorities Earn Thorns.

As most locals know the most frequently used form of public transportation (buses) here in the Rose City has been getting hammered and enduring service cut after service cut.

And as most know, it rains a whole lot in the winter here and the days are very short. And the Westside is pretty hilly and not too conducive to serious bike riding or commuting.

This morning on my way to the grocery store, I encountered a posse (at least 7) of city employees busily stenciling bike chevrons on SW 60th. They were torch heating the asphalt before applying the paint and doing a far better job than they would ever do on one of the infrequent and niggardly attempts to patch potholes on any street in the area.

This is a street with enough pot holes to keep a company of Army Corps of Engineers busy. It’s also a street used predominantly by cars, followed by pedestrians. Bikes are rarely to be seen on this street.

So what a colossal waste of money to be putting bike chevrons on this piece of roadway.

Thorns to PDOT

Well, this is my inauguaral post while I learn this software.

The issue of the day is who would I want to see as mayor of this once fine city. However, the choices are pretty much thorns, aren’t they?


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